Our In home support is more than what it says on the tin.

Our participants use our in home support services to both get a little help at home but also to access the community. Our weekend participants use our service to head out to theme parks, libraries, grocery shopping and many more activities, and some use the service for assistance around the home.

Put simply, we cater to you and however you would like to be supported.

In Home Support

Your Time, Your choice.

See how we can support you with our In Home support service. 

We cater to your time, location and staff preferences. 

Choose your Support Worker

You have the option to choose who works with you. 

Diverse Service

Whether you want to go to the Gold Coast for the day, or just need a hand cooking at home - we've got you covered. 

A few more details: 

  • Our services can be allocated to a NDIS costing category so you don’t have to worry about your charges not being met.
  • The minimum shift time is 2 hours and transport will not be charged for a Supporter to come to you unless you live in a remote area.
  • Transport will only be charged if a Supporter takes you out in their own vehicle (allocated by a NDIS costing category and paid from your plan budget).
  • Support Workers can administer medication if it is written up on a medication chart by your GP or Specialist and is Webster packed.
  • Support Workers are all given basic medication and ‘no lift’ training. Some have specialist training such as Midazolam or PEG feeding and they all have current Senior First Aid and CPR certificates which you are welcome to view.
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